Frequently Asked Questions

Why Acupuncture?

According to Yelena, the value of acupuncture is based on three main categories. First two she calls the two ‘E’s: Effectiveness and Efficiency! Acupuncture treatment is effective – always giving desirable results, and efficient – providing help much faster than any other healing method in alleviating pain and bodily discomforts, preventing further development of diseases or different bodily disharmonies. And the third significant factor acupuncture should be praised for – No Side Effect!

Is Acupuncture a Painful Procedure?

Sometimes you may feel some little “mosquito bite’ you will forget about in a second or two. Usually, my patients have a nice rejuvenating sleep right away after they were needled. For those of you who fear needles I may say that there are half of my patients were feeling the same way until the first needle was placed in the body.

Is Acupuncture Safe?

Acupuncture needles are made of pre-sterilized stainless steel; they are disposed in a sharps’ container straight after they are withdrawn out of the body, just like you get rid of a disposable coffee cup after you finish drinking your coffee. When the needles are in a professional hand of experienced acupuncturist, there is nothing, but cure can be a result of acupuncture treatment.

How Many Treatments You May Need?

You know this good English idiom, “We will cross the bridge when we come to it?” It’s a very wise saying. The problem you have can be cured in one treatment if you have it for a few days. The problem you have collected for many years will be eliminated as soon as you stop feeling the symptoms. Usually, people make 3 – 7 weekly visits, then the next treatment is scheduled in two weeks, then in four weeks. The most of my patients come once a month for maintenance treatment to feel excellent and enjoy their lives.

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