Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy in Edmonton

Cupping is an ancient modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine that is excellent for treating a wide variety of concerns. There are few therapeutic methods we utilize to help our patients:

  • 10-15 minutes cups retention is good for muscle and fascia relaxation; assisting lungs to open bronchial passages and pacify cough for bronchitis; improvement of blood circulation in a local area.
  • Blood letting is absolutely necessary for clearing hematoma – pockets in muscle tissue full of thickened, toxic blood – the result of a trauma. The procedure consists of doing few light pricks over the injured area with a special sterilized disposable needle, followed by application of the vacuum cup for blood collection. When the old blood is released to the cup, it’s leaving the injured area pain free, circulating better and healing much faster. This method is also applied for long-standing chronic painful syndrome conditions, when it is the only way to help patient to restore health and well-being. Oftentimes, blood letting procedure helps people to stop being depended on cortisone shots.
  • Besides cups retention, massage therapist is utilizing cups for sliding cupping. technique. This method is very effective for relieving muscle tension, inflammation and pain, as well as for improving blood circulation. Especially it is necessary for restoration after chronic muscular dysfunction, it helps to mobilize limbs and joints to become more flexible and functionable.
  • Flushing cupping is applied to improve lymphatic system circulation, eliminate stagnation, inflammation and pain.
What is Cupping Therapy and How it Works

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    Cupping Therapy

    Cupping is an ancient modality of traditional medicine that effectively treats a wide variety of issues. Suction cupping provides muscle and fascia relaxation, as well as improves blood circulation.

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