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Low Libido

Libido means sex drive or the desire for sex. Often male patients along with other health problems like lower back problems or shoulder pain complain about low libido. Some sources say that one of the causes for low libido is aging, but according to our clinical experience our patients show a wide variety of different ages – they could be in late 30th, 40th plus or 70th. Some of them feel not comfortable to share this problem with practitioner, while others feel absolutely confident when they are asking for help.

Low Libido Causes

  • Low testosterone.
  • Testosterone is an important male hormone
  • Taking certain medications can lower testosterone levels, which in turn may lead to low libido
  • Restless legs syndrome
  • Depression
  • Chronic illness
  • Sleep problems
  • Aging
  • Stress

Being proven as a strong therapeutic method of healing that has been practiced for five thousand years not only in China but all over the world, TCM with its long… experience says that main organs cause low libido are adrenals and kidney and secondary organs are liver, heart, endocrine and nervous systems which may affect the production of testosterone.

Japanese medical diagnosis based on palpation of the reflex zones of the body is a proven and objective way to identify the organs and system condition due to a fact that every bodily reflex zone reveals the corresponded organ or system health condition during the body health examination.

Acupuncture for Low Libido

Acupuncture treatment is proven healing method for treating low libido quickly. Although, the problem with low libido can be treated sometimes with only one treatment it might not last in some cases.

The reasons for inability to hold the result of the treatment could be simple. Constant stress, kidneys or adrenals exhaustion. Some men are having sex too often and too many times in one day or few days in a row to some extent that their kidneys (which are taking a great deal in secreting sperm) become exhausted and are not capable to function under such physical stress.

Then acupuncturist, besides stimulating your brain cells to support your healthy libido state, also must address kidneys and adrenals exhaustion, liver and heart imbalance. In our clinic we advise our patients to control their sex life and understand that when their kidneys are exhausted, the lifer, spleen, lungs and heart function go out of hand. Knowing that all the organs conditions and function are interrelated you should balance your stress level, work and fitness endurance and sex life harmoniously.

One thing to say, there is no one left the clinic without normalizing their libido sate.

Clinical Relevance

Prostatitis is usually related to stress, overwork, psychological disturbances. The Sympathetic nervous system is overwhelmed and needs balance. The organs that are involved are mainly liver, kidneys and heart.

To know more about how to balance mind and body you can read on pages 21-49, how to maintain a good health of your liver you can find on pages 83-94, kidneys on pages 108-123 in my book, Your MindBody Alliance & The Truth About Acupuncture.

Our clinical experience shows that people who are not educated in anatomy and physiology are not aware of how to preserve their health. The lack of knowledge and understanding how mind and body correlate leads people to feel out of control over their own health. Reading this book everyone becomes knowledgeable enough to withstand any body health problem and preserve one’s health.

You can find the book in a paper cover or electronic version here:

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