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Bed Wetting in Children

According to information found on www.nationwidechildrens.org, approximately 15 percent of children wet the bed at age 5. That number decreases with age occurring in only 1-2 percent of children age 14 and older. Boys are twice as likely as girls to wet the bed.

Maybe this information is correct yet the 5 reasons that are given as main causes for children bed wetting seem to be a bit out of reality. As per clinical experience we must say that there are numerous pretty serious mind and body imbalances that can cause bed wetting.

Bed Wetting Causes According to Our Clinical Findings

  • Preceded emotional impact.
  • Sympathetic Nerve System imbalance.
  • Hormone vasopressin production imbalance.
  • Adrenal glands imbalance.
  • Kidney’s weakness.

Bed Wetting has Physical & Emotional Impact on Children

It’s obvious that bed wetting is such a trouble that is not only bringing inconvenience and frustration to the child and the parents but also is:

  • Making a child constantly feeling embarrassed.
  • Feeling guilty which is the most harmful emotion.
  • Affecting child’s confidence.
  • Belittling child’s self-esteem.

Bed Wetting Problem – The Real Story –

The parents brought to clinic their 8 years old boy. They found out he was bed wetting when he became 2 years old, when they stopped using diapers. The pediatrician advised them to wake up the boy in the middle of the night to assist him consciously urinate in a potty.

The problem was, the boy had such a deep sleep that parents could not wake him up and after few attempts to follow the doctor’s recommendation they decided not to proceed with this torture. They tried to give the boy something salty before bedtime, but all their attempts were in vain. During Japanese medical body assessment were found:

  • Kidney’s weakness
  • Adrenal’s imbalance
  • Vasopressin production imbalance
  • Sympathetic Nervous System dominance

After First Acupuncture Treatment for Bed Wetting

The boy had no night urination for first 4 days. His parents brought him 4 more times to continue acupuncture treatments and consolidate successful outcome. After 5 treatments the boy stopped having this problem due to balanced nervous system and all the disharmonies addressed and eliminated.


  • Our experience shows that Acupuncture helps children of any age to stop bed wetting. In some cases, the course of 3-7 treatments is needed to heal the body.
  • Understand that there are no irreversible conditions.
  • The treatment strategy based on the results of Japanese medical diagnosis, and Japanese style of acupuncture are a proven solution to stop bed wetting and return comfort and confidence to every child.
  • Some parents are worried that children will fear the needles, but the truth is that with the right approach and friendly environment the majority of children take acupuncture easily.
  • Japanese style of acupuncture is exclusively gentle hence children rather feel relaxed and enjoy the procedure.

Clinical Relevance

To understand how mind and body communicate and what impact can emotions bring to weaken kidneys you should read pages 11- 49 and pages 108 – 123 of my book, Your MindBody Alliance & The Truth About Acupuncture.

Our clinical experience shows that people who are not educated in anatomy and physiology are not aware of how to preserve their health. The lack of knowledge and understanding how mind and body correlate leads people to feel out of control over their own health. Reading this book everyone becomes knowledgeable enough to withstand any body health problem and preserve one’s health.

You can find the book in a paper cover or electronic version here:

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