Nervous System Imbalance

Headache Cause

Headache, Characteristics and Intensity

The headache can feel just like a low grade achy, or strong, splitting, throbbing, burning, or unbearable.

Identifying the location and characteristics of the headache gives the professional a clear understanding of the true cause of the headache or migraine. By applying the Advanced Japanese medical body palpation technique acupuncturist verifies the 100% true cause that results in healing the root cause to the point for no return for such a symptom so-called headache.

Headache, What Part of The Head is Achy?

Oftentimes, patients complaining about having headaches are surprised when acupuncturist is asking them to show where their head is achy. After explanation they realize that they can feel pain in different areas of the head.

For instance, your head might ache over a forehead, behind the eyes, one sided or both temples, on the vertex – the top of the head, or in occipital area – the back of the head. Sometimes people feel that the whole head is achy. Every location is indicative for a particular cause, showing connection to a specific organ.

Since the location of the headache tells us what is the main organ involved, the thorough body examination follows. The results of bodily health assessment show practitioner all the organs’ condition and which organ(s) must be addressed first in order to give a proper treatment to the main organ.

Some people feel headache from time to time. They might feel headaches in different locations. For instance, one day the forehead is achy, the other time they feel head aches over one or both temples. Erratic headaches have different causes – disharmony in different organs, nervous exhaustion, lack of sleep and poor dietary choices.

People who have headaches every day, few days a week, few weeks in a month develop chronic condition, especially if the pain level is too strong and their head is always aching in one particular spot. It is not a critical condition the most of the times but at this point you might consider to book an acupuncture treatment immediately.

Clinical Relevance

Acupuncture helps you to get rid of headaches and stop taking drugs. By balancing the organs related to development of your headache, acupuncturist is able to preserve your health and happiness. The organs that are often cause initiating headaches are liver, and kidneys.

How to keep liver healthy you can learn by reading pages 83-93 and how to protect health of your kidneys you can read on pages 108-122 in my book,
Your MindBody Alliance & The Truth About Acupuncture.

Our clinical experience shows that people who are not educated in anatomy and physiology are not aware of how to preserve their health. The lack of knowledge and understanding how mind and body correlate leads people to feel out of control over their own health. Reading this book everyone becomes knowledgeable enough to withstand any body health problem and preserve one’s health.

You can find the book in a paper cover or electronic version here:

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