Body Pain


Acupuncture scope of practice can heal effectively quite a few different kinds of injuries like:

  • sprain – a stretching or tearing of ligaments of – the tough bands of fibrous tissue connecting two bones in the joints
  • strain – an injury to a muscle or the band of tissue that attaches a muscle to a bone
  • concussion – a type of traumatic brain injury caused by a bump, blow, jolt or hit to the head that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth
  • broken bone – the bone fracture allowed or not allowed the application of cast.

Clinical Relevance

Understanding that pain is always a consequence of inflammation is easy if you have possibility to read chapter Inflammation and How to Deal with It on pages 139-146. There you can also find The List o Foods to Avoid during inflammation on page 144 of my book, Your MindBody Alliance & The Truth About Acupuncture.

Our clinical experience shows that people who are not educated in anatomy and physiology are not aware of how to preserve their health. The lack of knowledge and understanding how mind and body correlate leads people to feel out of control over their own health. Reading this book everyone becomes knowledgeable enough to withstand any body health problem and preserve one’s health.

You can find the book in a paper cover or electronic version here:

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