Yelena Grabko

Registered Acupuncturist

Yelena is practicing Advanced Japanese Style Acupuncture. After she graduated from Acupuncture department of MacEwan University, Yelena had been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture for many years. Striving for perfection in healing, she completed a full course – 150 hours of Japanese medical diagnosis and hands-on practical study with well-known living Japanese master acupuncturist – sensei – Kiiko Matsumoto. Advanced Japanese Style Acupuncture method of diagnosing human body and treating it accordingly giving Yelena’s patients a full satisfaction with the results of feeling significantly better after each single visit. Besides attainment of great results in restoring health applying acupuncture, Yelena also provides her patients with consulting. During the treatment session she is educating them about their health condition and guiding them to create a proper mindset necessary to speed up the healing process and restoring their health and wellness.

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