Acupuncture for Anxiety & Panic Attack

Acupuncture for anxiety & panic attack

Anxiety and panic attack, both derive from either strong emotional impact like divorce, death of dear person, disease, or long-standing daily accumulated stress. There are many causes that can trigger and develop anxiety or panic attack. Often, besides Nerve system imbalance, I find Liver/ Gallbladder and Pancreatic gland/Spleen disharmony. I often call it Right side and Left side don’t communicate properly. Overly tiring stressful lifestyle, long-standing insomnia or sleepless nights due to a job or nursing a little baby.

People who come for acupuncture treatment usually complaint of inability to inhale, walking upstairs, inability to drive a car without pulling over and breathing into paper bag, inability to sleep, feeling frightened.

Japanese medical assessment identifies the depth of the damage done to body and gives acupuncture practitioner information what organ or system should have a first AID. The basic acupuncture protocol such as pacifying overexcited SNS (sympathetic nervous system), balancing adrenals and stimulating happy hormones, endorphins is applied initially. Besides, we are addressing the individual’s constitutional health problems identified during bodily health examination.

Usually after first visit the health condition shows improvement like normalized breathing ability, disappearance of feeling frightened, enhanced sleeping . If this condition is acute- relatively new, usually 3-4 treatments will suffice to restore good health condition back to normal.

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