Acupuncture for Conception

Acupuncture for Conception

Some ladies find they can’t conceive sometimes even trying for years. There are many body conditions that create inability to conceive. In our clinic we helped quiet a few ladies to conceive, avoid the miscarriage, resolve all the unhealthy mishaps and pregnancy complications, breech the baby, and induce the labor for the easier and faster labor.  

Japanese medical body examination helps to identify the causes preventing the conception and open the possibility for woman to conceive. Nothing makes us more satisfied than our ability to make someone happier!

What our patients say:

I initially started acupuncture to help with conceiving, but I discovered that I and my body needed more help then just conceiving a baby. It needed healing first to be ready to carry on an infant and deliver a healthy baby. Yelena was so amazing. In our first meeting she examined my body and right away knew exactly what was wrong, more than any doctor could have told me, more than any doctor could have helped me. After just a few sessions with her I was feeling energized and on a healthy path. She healed my body and restored a healthy environment for me to conceive a baby and to hold the baby to his full-term. I now have a healthy little boy. Yelena and her husband are both very good at what they do. They are very caring and great people.

Farzana Ali

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