Acupuncture for Stress Relief

Acupuncture for stress relief

Stress is everywhere, especially nowadays when social media 24/7 is singing the same song about covid 19. People are scared, feared of unknown, worried about themselves, their parents, children, jobs/ businesses. Stress is so common that people don’t think how much damage stress brings to their health, their future. Stress must be eliminated as often as possible. That is why our patients know that they should come for maintenance treatments once in four weeks, and those who do this steadily, see the benefits of feeling well, supporting their health and state of well-being. Japanese medical examination is easily identifying all the imbalances in the body and Japanese style of acupuncture is easily eliminating stress, releasing the shoulder muscles or upper abdomen (where people usually like to store accumulated stress) during one treatment session. Then, SNS (Sympathetic nervous system) is regulated and balanced, Adrenals are balanced (adrenals we call stress and shock absorbers), next- endorphins’ production is stimulated. After such a treatment people feel completely rejuvenated; they usually say, “I feel like a new person”.

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