Anxiety you can live without

Many people seek acupuncture treatment after having anxiety or panic attack. I have quiet few patients who came to me with symptoms like insomnia, inability to walk upstairs, inhale , drive, live their life… This is very disturbing and frightening feeling when suddenly individual feels like a fish thrown on a shore. Usually a patient needs three to four treatments during which the nervous system is balanced, the feelings of fear disappear, good sleep is restored and wellbeing prevailed. The common cause for anxiety is stress. It seems we live in an ocean of stress. The word stress became so normal in people’s lives that they probably don’t think that life can be stress free. They become stressed when they talk to manager, have misunderstandings with their family members – loved ones, children. Often people are frightened by health disturbances, aches and pains. The most of time they can’t explain to themselves the cause to pain. They think they had no injury, the food they eat is good, no strenuous movements was applied but the body still feels aches and pains. The tiredness of being stressed and trying to ignore their suffering doesn’t help. The accumulated stress is getting over the threshold point and anxiety or panic attack is triggered. Nowadays, when the life of the majority of people is disturbed by psychological influence of social media with “covid19”, it’s essential to have acupuncture session once in 4-6 weeks. Stop thinking needles can be painful, it is a joke in comparison to how you feel! You are going to feel relaxed and pain free after your nerve system is balanced, immune system is strengthen, musculoskeletal system is aligned! Feel awesome!

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