Are you the one who suffer from being short fused?

I often hear form patients that they have a short fuse. They quickly and angrily react on some people’s actions or situations. And nonetheless to how much they hate their own behavior, it seems to be a problem to change the old behavioral pattern. Of course, you can find the following information, about connection between bodily organs and emotions, in much deeper and more interesting format in my book, Your MindBody Alliance & The Truth About Acupuncture , which you can find here:

But let me share with you about the situation when you may find yourself snapping on someone so quickly that you even don’t have time to think or analyze the situation. You see, the anger of any kind – feeling disappointed, frustrated, upset, offended; simply saying – feeling unhappy belongs to a bodily organ – Liver. You should know that when our Liver is weak or stagnated, we feel angry and all the other emotions I mentioned above. And the worse the health state of the Liver becomes, the more often this individual feels angry. And vice versa, the more this person is expressing his/her anger, etc… the more weak the Liver becomes. It is like a vicious circle. To stop this nonsense, I usually help my patient by releasing and circulating his/her Liver with acupuncture treatment and explaining along the way the connection between the Liver, and emotion called anger that is resulting in the behavioral mishaps my patient might experience.

Of course, there are ways to reset the mind to stop having the impulse to react. One of which is to stop thinking and saying,” I am a short fuse person and start thinking and saying, ” I am a calm and content individual, I am always reasonable and am at peace in any situation.” Always think and say about yourself only what you want to be or feel instead of what you hate about yourself. Learn this new approach and see how you’ll change your behavioral patterns. That is what I, as a life and success coach, work on with my patients and clients to achieve the mind and body equilibrium, restore health and wellbeing. Apply this now and start feeling awesome!

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