Do you know that people may feel bad just because one of their vital organs’ function is not intact?

For example, if you often feel angry without serious reason, you should know that your Liver is ‘grumpy’. Liver is very sensitive to stress and can easily become upset from any daily mishap. Besides, feeling angry, disappointed or frustrated will reflect on a state of your other organs – your Heart , Lungs and Kidneys, and indirectly on the condition of your Spleen and Pancreatic gland. Liver condition massively affects your level of happiness, work and personal relationship. Shortly it is a game changer of your life. A good, harmonized Liver function is worth of gold.

It’s a fact , every organ in your body has it’s characteristic; it ‘s influenced by it’s own specific emotion. Sometimes you can’t fall asleep due to having pensiveness or feeling worried without a significant reason. The other times you might feel some cravings for sweet, sour, or salty foods without understanding why that happens. All this information you will find while reading a no-brainer book, Your MindBody Alliance & the Truth About Acupuncture.

Ask yourself, do you want to become healthier? Are you ready to find out every detail about how your mind can affect your health condition and how you can be in control of it? Are you ready to be in charge of your own health? Yes???

In my book, Your MindBody Alliance & The Truth About Acupuncture, you will find all your health related questions answered to make sure you have a clear vision and a good grip on how to become the master of your life!

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