Dear readers, I want to share with you my expertise and experience about symptom that is called headache. You know that if you are going to complain about suffering from headaches or migraines to your doctor the advice will sound like, “take Tylenol or other pain killer. What you should know that any pain in our physical body is a signal our brain sends to our awareness that something wrong is going on and we should address that problem instead of masking it by eliminating the pain by taking a painkiller each time we have headache. It is hard to understand to an individual who has no medical background that headache has a cause. Everyone who has ever had a headache that headache can locate in different aspects of the head: forehead, top of the head, temples, only half of the head, occiput – the back of the head or simply achy all over the whole head. And each location is connected to a bodily organ or system and needs to be properly diagnosed and addressed with a proper treatment. By palpating the body and the scalp, Japanese acupuncture practitioner can identify which organ or system is in trouble and eliminate the headache not only as a symptom like painkiller meds do, but find the cause and stop headaches from occurring again. Should you get rid of the root of the problem and end it up for good? The choice is yours. My advice is, don’t settle for the idea of taking a painkiller. Love yourself! Feel awesome!

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