Suffering from Neck pain?

People often come to see acupuncturist for neck pain. Neck pain as well as back pain, shoulder pain or lower back pain is not a simple thing. I call it, ” 101 things” because every time a patient comes with neck pain I have to identify the true cause for this particular case ruling out the other 100 causes. You see, when it started for a first time it could be simple, but usually people have a tendency to hope that the pain will go away on its own or choose to take either anti-inflammatory pills or painkillers to stop the pain as fast as possible. And we understand why. No one like pain… But each time we prolong any painful condition, the consequences are simple – the condition becomes chronic, more complicated and harder to deal with. Now, let me share with you advice I give to my patience. I tell them, ” if you injured yourself, or just experience sudden pain from unknown cause, book acupuncture appointment with your practitioner immediately for one only reason. You will be diagnosed and helped right away, and may need only one visit to stop the agony of tolerating the pain and poisoning your body with medications.” Otherwise, know that human neck has a strong but very gentle anatomy. Often people have bad circulation in the brain due to poor circulation in a carotid artery and as a result you might experience sinusitis, high blood pressure, problems with thyroid gland. Or having a kink in a vertebral artery which is depriving the basilar artery from bringing enough blood supply to the brain. As a result you may have headaches, foggy mind, poor memory, dizziness or blurry vision. Another reason could be a subluxation of C1 – the first cervical vertebrae that can affect all the neck which can be easily restored back to normal position after only one little acupuncture needle inserted on the dorsum of your palm. Or, the neck could be achy because of lymphatic stagnation – no circulation in lymphatic vessels of the neck and could be eliminated just with one needle. There are hundred and one causes, my dear reader. So, be kind to yourself and seek acupuncture expert to feel better. Acupuncture is not a torture, so stop spooking yourself so much. If children can take acupuncture easily, so can you! Feel awesome because you deserve it!

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