About the book

This book is written and addressed to you. It teaches you that your wellness is a result of harmonious relationship between your spirit, mind and body. Your spirit is calling to action, mind is what you are thinking and feeling, body is acting upon the decision made by your mind. Your role is to be in control of your thoughts. You are the one who is truly in charge of your health and wellness!

Yelena strongly believes that everyone should know and understand the mind and body because when those two powers are in disharmony, you may feel unwell. In this book you will find lots of answers to your questions and get knowledge, in a most simple form, of how your mind might influence your health condition, how your organs function and relate to each other, and what you can and should do when your body seem not working perfectly anymore. The scientific fact is that 75% of illnesses are so-cold psychosomatic, which means that illness which is slowly accumulating in your body (soma) is sipping from the thoughts you have been thinking on a constant basis in your mind (psyche).

Yelena is convinced that nothing is this world is incurable for a person who is willing to change his mind set and apply the necessary adjustments to his diet, fitness and life style. You live in 21st Century; it’s time to grow your awareness to step up in your power! You are going to love this book written from my heart to yours.

What our readers say:

My name is Darrell Kowalenko and here is an important message I want to share with you. Please do yourself a favor, purchase and read Yelena’s  book, Your MindBody Alliance & The Truth About Acupuncture. I read many books mind and health related, but I’ve never had such an experience of clear understanding about how my mind is interacting with my body and how necessary this knowledge is for me and generally for everyone.

No matter how much you know about your body and health, this book will expand your awareness of how human body is designed. How you can know which organ is related to which particular kind of thought and emotion and how you can reverse illness into health with the power of your own mind. This book is written in so easy, simple manner that even a child can understand and benefit from reading it. I couldn’t stop reading it until reached the last page , and so might you, believe me.

Here is the link where you can order your copy: https://rb.gy/mt8nni

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